At very first look, you might think leggings and yoga pants are the same thing. That is, up until you attempt doing downward pet or do squats in thin leggings!

Yoga pants are truly developed for physical fitness, while leggings are typically just for style, loungewear, or a warm baselayer. Yoga pants are a basic term for nontransparent, thicker product, elastic, sweat-wicking bottoms that can be used for athletics like running, pilates, gym workouts, or obviously, yoga. Leggings, on the other hand, are usually designed to use under your clothes for warmth or convenience.

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What about the yoga pants that are leggings? There are various fabrics and styles of yoga pants, from flare to capris to skin-tight. Here’s the lowdown on the nuances and differences between the two, and how to choose the very best for you.

What are Leggings?

Leggings are skin-hugging pants that are thicker than leggings but thinner than real yoga pants. They are delicate and comfy for relaxing, using under a skirt, or including an additional layer of heat in the winter season.

These days, women (and sometimes men) appear to use leggings simply about everywhere. It can be a little embarrassing when you forget that those adorable elegant zebra print leggings aren’t truly designed for exercises or yoga.

Pros of Leggings

  • Budget friendly and inexpensive
  • Comfy
  • Body-hugging
  • Thin
  • Stretchy
  • Warm base layer
  • Big range of fabrics, patterns, and designs

Cons of Leggings

  • Thin material is bad for stretching
  • Rather transparent
  • Not designed for exercises or yoga (unless stated)
  • The waistband tends to fold or not stay in place

Kinds of Leggings


Cotton leggings are the most budget-friendly and commonly offered leggings available. You can find them practically everywhere. They in some cases have a bit of spandex in them, nevertheless, cotton leggings tend to “pile” and wear over time as they are extended and cleaned.

Cotton leggings come in a million colours and styles, however, they are thin and lose their shape. They are specifically horrible for yoga or the fitness centre because they can be transparent, hold sweat discolourations and moisture, and do not stay in place.


Polyester leggings are a bit greater in quality than cotton. They are far more sweat-wicking and stretchy than cotton, however, their main drawback is the tendency to hold onto smells. A polyester material mix can be excellent for workouts, but sometimes these are likewise just fast-fashion leggings.


Since of their affordability and nylon, nylon or durability blend leggings have become the most popular fabric. Nylon is elastic and does not wrinkle. Nylon is a terrific product for wicking sweat throughout exercises if the leggings are thick enough.

What are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are another popular modern alternative to pants. You can always find somebody wearing them to Starbucks, the health club or yoga studio, or to pick up kids at school. Yoga pants are not special for yogis, nevertheless, they are the best-designed bottoms for a yoga practice.

The essential difference between leggings and yoga pants is the thickness and stretchiness of the material, along with the waistband. Yoga pants tend to be thicker and more long-lasting, so they aren’t transparent when you move. They are tight in the however location but chill out as you move downward into different poses.


  • Not transparent
  • Remain in location during workouts or yoga
  • More comfortable than leggings
  • Hold their shape
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Thicker waistband
  • Relocations with the body; never restrictive


  • More expensive than leggings (but last longer)

Yoga Pants are Best for Physical Fitness

Yoga pants likewise give you all the flexibility to do your favorite asanas without worrying about leggings stretching too tight against your skin or limiting motion. The thicker, rollover-style waistband likewise aids with motion due to the fact that it keeps the pants in place. Companies have likewise begun coming out with a variety of physical fitness leggings and pants that do not have the signature roll-over band.

Designs of Yoga Pants

Numerous physical fitness leggings are actually a lot more like yoga pants than they are like leggings. Designs include booty shorts, wide-leg pants, yoga sweatpants, cropped leggings, ankle-length running pants, and more. The most popular design of yoga pants is the high-raise body-hugging style we see at La Sculpte. These pants beat leggings whenever because they are in fact produced practical movements instead of cheap fashion.